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Welcome to SQA Forums - The most popular Software Testing and Quality Assurance discussions site. With over 50 forums that cover almost every area in software testing, quality assurance and quality engineering. Here, you will also find a forum for every software test tool available like WinRunner, QuickTest Pro and LoadRunner by HP Mercury Interactive, IBM Rational Robot, TestPartner by Compuware and SilkTest by Borland Segue Software to name a few.

If you are looking for place to get help or support on any software testing tool, you've found the only place! Simply ask our 180,000+ Members for almost anything, and you'll be surprised at the amount of help you can get here which you cannot get anywhere else. Looking for help on WinRunner, LoadRunner, SilkTest, Robot, QARun, eTest, TestComplete and Webload? This is the place!

SQA Forums - "The online knowledge bank for Software Test professionals... Will you be withdrawing or making a deposit today?"

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List of Forums  
Software Testing  
Functional Testing
Software Functional Testing - In here you will find basic definitions for QA terms & sample test plans/cases and getting started information.
Automated Testing
For general discussions about automated software testing tools. Moderated by Ms. Elfriede Dustin; author of Automated Software Testing.
Web Testing
This forums is for software testing and quality assurance topics related to web sites, web applications and environments only.
Performance & Load Testing
This forum is designed for performance, stress and load test tools "non-tool-specific" discussions.
Unit Testing
Discuss white box and black box unit testing methods including code coverage testing tool, techniques, etc. Figure out what tools are best for you!
Security Testing
This forum is designed for discussions about security testing.
Usability & Accessibility Testing
This forum is designed for discussions about usability and accessibility testing.
Network & Distributed Testing
This forum covers testing in networked and distributed systems.
PDAs & Embedded Systems
For testing topics related to PDAs like Palm, Pocket PC, Newton or any other embedded systems.
.Net Testing
This forum is for topics related to Microsoft .NET testing.
Quality Engineering  
Quality Methodologies
This forum covers ISO, IEEE, CMM, XP, SCRUM, Agile, etc.
Software Process Improvement
This forum is designed for software process improvement (SPI) topics. It covers process improvement, lifecycles, cultural change, social engineering, process metrics.
Estimation and Planning
This forum covers project managment-type tasks, scheduling, estimating, etc.
Requirements and Design
This forum covers documentation, use cases, functional specs, design docs, checklists, etc.
Defect Tracking
Covers tracking tools, ways to track defects, defect-specific metrics. Looking for a bug database or a bug tracking tool? Figure out pros and cons of defect tracking systems, tools and bug tracking databases.
Configuration Management
Designed for configuration management discussion.
Testing Tools  
Topics related to WinRunner by Mercury Interactive. Option to cc the users email list (
For topics related to LoadRunner by Mercury Interactive. Option to cc the users email list (
QuickTest Pro
Discussions for Mercury Astra Quick Test and QuickTest Pro topics.
This forum is designed for topics and issues related to TestDirector by Mercury Interactive.
Topics related to SilkTest (formerly QAPartner) by Segue Software. Option to cc the users email list (
Discuss issues and topics about SilkPerformer by Segue Software here.
Designed for discussing Robot & TeamTest (SQA Suite) by Rational. Option to cc users email list (
Visual Test
Issues related to Visual Test by Rational (previously MSTest). Option to cc the users email list (
XDE Tester - RobotJ
This forum is for the new Rational Java test tool XDE Tester, formally known as RobotJ.
For users of TestManager by Rational Software.
For users of Compuware's QARun.
This forum is designed for topics and issues about QALoad by Compuware.
Dedicated to TestPartner, a next generation regression test tool by Compuware.
Designed for issues and topics related to QADirector by Compuware.
Discuss topics about e-Test Suite by Empirix (formerly RSW) here.
Discuss topics about e-Load by Empirix (formerly RSW) here.
For issues and topics related to WebLoad by RadView Software.
This forum is for WebFT, the functional test tool by Radview.
Covers topics related to TestComplete by AutomatedQA.
QA Wizard
This forum is designed for issues and topics related to QA Wizard by Seapine Software.
This forum is designed for Eggplant, the cross platform (Macintosh, Linux and Windows) automated test tool by Redstone Software.
Application Center Test
This forum is for disussing Microsoft Application Center Test (ACT).
Specific for OpenSTA performance test tool discussions.
Specific for Bugzilla open source defect tracking tool discussions.
Miscellaneous Forums  
General Discussion
Got a general software testing or miscellaneous quality assurance / QA topic (which does not belong to another more specific forum)? Need to find directions? Start here! (Chitchat)
Here you can discuss NON-QA related topics. Discuss anything here (but adhere to the main Forum guidelines) Get to know your testers with open chitchat.
Training & Certification
Looking for a QA training service provider or instructor? Starting or offering a QA class? Want to get certified or have questions about certifications? Post an ad or question here!
User Groups
Holding a users group meeting? Looking for user groups in your area? Announce your meetings here!
White Papers and Articles
Software Testing and Quality Assurance white papers and articles. You need permission to post articles, but you are welcome to discuss and reply to existing articles.
This forum is designed for discussing topics about testing on the Macintosh OS. - "The online knowledge bank for Software Test professionals... Will you be withdrawing or making a deposit today?" The Software Testing and Quality Assurance Online Discussion Forums is the place where you can get help in QA topics. The center for software testing tools and quality assurance boards and software test resources. Here you can find information about automated testing tools like WinRunner, SilkTest and Rational Robot. Also performance testing tools like LoadRunner and SilkPerformer, and many others like Compuware QARun, Empirix e-TEST, eLoad, RadView WebLoad and many others. The WinRunner and SilkTest as well as the LoadRunner and SilkPerformer forums can also post to email lists and the news group. You can also discuss bug tracking issues like defect trackers and general software testing tools. There are also forums for test management tools and test automation as well as qa tarining, qa jobs and information about configuration management and software process improvement sqa spi. Also find software testing and quality assurance user groups for WinRunner, SilkTest, LoadRunner and even bug tracking tools. Some of the tool forums like the WinRunner, LoadRunner, SilkTest and Rational Robot (or SQA Suite) are linked to corresponding email lists where you can cc your posts there as well. You can access the Software Testing and Quality Assurance forum directly by following the link. Click Here to continue... Also find software testing user groups and QA professionals.